Kintos, Sport horse breeding

The small medieval town of Muscletto is the heart of the green Friuli, in an area of ​​resurgences. It is crossed by only two routes: the first leads to the church and its bell tower typical in its incompleteness, while the second, lined with exotic hibiscus and fragrant lime trees leads visitors to our farm.

Kintos is an idea that will tend our passion and devotion in the daily management of our horses. We decided to focus on a limited number of mares, carefully selected for their genealogy and their psychophysical qualities and athleticism, and to choose stallions that are appropriate for them and that are able to improve the production.

The choice of name Kintos manifests our will to go back to our origins. Kintos is, indeed, the mountain where the goddess Artmesis was born and where she became known as Kuntia (Cynthia). The letter K also recalls the Rwandan capital, Kigali, where I was born and where I lived until 1994.

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